The SAGE Handbook

Ian Shaw, Katharine Briar-Lawson
ISBN: 9781412934985

Family Law

Kate Standley
ISBN: 9780230251595

Memorabilia. Oeconomicus. Symposium. Apology

ISBN: 9780674996953

Modern Tort Law

V.H. Harpwood
ISBN: 9780415458467

Rescuing Human Rights

Hurst Hannum
ISBN: 9781108405362

The Devil's Advocate

Iain Morley
ISBN: 9780414023222

Unnatural Causes

Richard Shepherd
ISBN: 9781405923538

Confident Pluralism

John D. Inazu
ISBN: 9780226592435

The Spotter's Guide to Urban Engineering

Claire Barratt, Ian Whitelaw
ISBN: 9781554077083

Juvenile Delinquency, Crime and Social Marginalization

Miguel Pereira, Angela Maia
ISBN: 9781787436121

Euthyphro. Apology. Crito. Phaedo

ISBN: 9780674996878

About Law

ISBN: 9780198763888

The European Parliament

David Judge, David Earnshaw
ISBN: 9780230001428


Giuliana Bruno
ISBN: 9780226104942


Raymond Wacks
ISBN: 9780199214969

Medical Law: A Very Short Introduction

Charles Foster
ISBN: 9780199660445

The British Constitution: A Very Short Introduction

Martin Loughlin
ISBN: 9780199697694

Cross and Tapper on Evidence

Colin Tapper
ISBN: 9780199574148

Core Statutes on Contract, Tort and Restitution

Graham Stephenson
ISBN: 9781137022219

Core Documents on International Law

Karen Hulme
ISBN: 9781137022301

Core EU Legislation

Rhona Smith, Nicole Busby
ISBN: 9781137022097

Competition Law

David Bailey, Richard Whish
ISBN: 9780199586554

Words of Wisdom

Gareth Southwell
ISBN: 9780857382313

EU Competition Law

Alison Jones, Brenda Sufrin
ISBN: 9780199572731

Life In The Uk Test: Practice Questions

Henry Dillon
ISBN: 9780955215933