Tile Artist's Bible

Jacqui Atkin
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Ceramics For Gardens And Landscapes

Karin Hessenberg
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Lettering On Ceramics

Mary White
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The Potter's Book Of Glaze Recipes

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Art Of Firing

Nils Lou
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Sources Of Inspiration

Carolyn Genders
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Mike Bailey
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Techniques Of Kiln-formed Glass

Keith Cummings
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Ceramic Figures

Michael Flynn
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Ceramics And Prints

Paul Scott
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Ceramics With Mixed Media

Joy Bosworth
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Wristwatch Annual 2012

Peter Braun
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The Craft and Art of Clay

Jan Peterson, Susan Peterson
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Colour in Glazes

Linda Bloomfield
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Mosaics: Outside the Box

Elizabeth Joy Bell, Elizabeth Atkins-Hood
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Greg Daly
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Naked Clay: Ceramics without a Glaze

Jane Perryman
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The Kiln Book

Frederick L. Olsen
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Daphne Carnegy
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Throwing Large

Nic Collins
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Dry Glazes

Jeremy Jerneghan
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Collect Contemporary: Jewelry

Joanna Hardy,
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The Crown Jewels

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William Morris

Pamela Todd
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The Wallpaper Book

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Quilting Step By Step

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Baldwin/Guggisberg: Beyond Glass

Tina Oldknow
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Ultimate Crochet Bible

Jane Crowfoot
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Me vs You

Editors of Klutz
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Safety Pin Bracelets

Kaitlyn Nichols
ISBN: 9781591749325