Vengeance of the Pirate Queen

Tricia Levenseller
ISBN: 9781250864970

Vengeance of the Pirate Queen

Tricia Levenseller
ISBN: 9781250324726

Viking Folk and Fairy Tales

Jake Jackson
ISBN: 9781804175910

The Temple of Fortuna

Elodie Harper
ISBN: 9781838933623

Daughter of the Pirate King

Tricia Levenseller
ISBN: 9781250891914

Daughter of the Siren Queen

Tricia Levenseller
ISBN: 9781250891938

What the River Knows

Isabel Ibanez
ISBN: 9781399722186

Where Is Anne Frank

Ari Folman
ISBN: 9780241482759

Penelope Unbound

Mary Morrissy
ISBN: 9781838312688

Eagles in the Storm

Ben Kane
ISBN: 9780099580737

Edge of Eternity

Ken Follett
ISBN: 9780230710160

The Witches of Vardo

Anya Bergman
ISBN: 9781786581952

The Armour of Light

Ken Follett
ISBN: 9781447278832

A Marriage of Fortune

Anne O'Brien
ISBN: 9781398711167

Serpent, Siren, Maelstrom and Myth

Gerry Smyth
ISBN: 9780712354196

The Postcard

Anne Berest
ISBN: 9781787704831

Sisters Under the Rising Sun

Heather Morris
ISBN: 9781786582225


Joseph Heller
ISBN: 9781784878696


John Williams
ISBN: 9781590178218

The House of Fortune

Jessie Burton
ISBN: 9781509886104

The French Photographer

Natasha Lester
ISBN: 9780751573091

The Paris Seamstress

Natasha Lester
ISBN: 9780751573077

The Slavic Myths

Noah Charney, Svetlana Slapsak
ISBN: 9780500025017

Nineteen Steps

Millie Bobby Brown
ISBN: 9780008530273

Le chant d'Achille

Madeline Miller
ISBN: 9782266334426

Greek Myths: Heroes and Heroines

Jean Menzies
ISBN: 9781529093360

The Paris Secret

Natasha Lester
ISBN: 9780751576467

The Riviera House

Natasha Lester
ISBN: 9780751576474

Ils ont tue Oppenheimer

Virginie Ollagnier
ISBN: 9782072985775

Penelope a Ulysse

ISBN: 9782073013675