Rethinking Curating

Beryl Graham, University of Dundee) Sarah (Dundee Fellow Cook
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Picturing the Apocalypse

St Andrews) ITIA Burlington Dames Academy; Part-Time Lecturer in Theology & Visual Art Natasha (Teacher O'Hear, Royal Institute of Philosophy) University of Buckingham; Director Anthony (Professor of Philosophy O'Hear
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The Science of Art

Mr Martin Kemp
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The Arcades

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Berlin Metropolis: 1918-1933

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Art, Crime and Madness

Shlomo Giora Shoham
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Art as Research

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Patterns for Post-war Britain

Katie Arber
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Klimt and the Women of Vienna's Golden Age, 1900 1918

Tobias G. Natter
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Born Under Saturn

Joseph Conners, Margot Wittkower, Rudolf Wittkower
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Art Power

Boris (New York University) Groys
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Our Aesthetic Categories

Sianne Ngai
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One and Five Ideas

Terry Smith
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Ways Of Seeing

John Berger
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About Looking

John Berger
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Bad New Days - Art, Criticism, Emergency

Hal Foster
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The Psychology of Contemporary Art

Gregory Minissale
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Treasures of the Mughals and the Maharajas

Amina Taha-Hussein Okada
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Splendor and Misery in the Weimar Republic

I. Pfeiffer
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Art: A Beginner's Guide

Laurie Schneider Adams
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Nineteenth-Century Art: A Beginner's Guide

Laurie Schneider Adams
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Tell Me Something Good

Jarrett Earnest
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Modern Art in Detail - 75 Masterpieces

Susie Hodge
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40 Years New

Lisa Phillips
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Technologies of the Image - Art in 19th-Century Iran

David J. Roxburgh
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SOS Brutalism: A Global Survey

Oliver Elser, Philipp Kurz, Peter Cachola Schmal
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The Infinity of Lists

Umberto Eco
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The Futurist Cookbook

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
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Aesthetic Theory

Theodor W. Adorno
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Christian Art

Beth Williamson
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