50 Literature Ideas

John Sutherland
ISBN: 9781848660601


Anthony Burgess
ISBN: 9780099599111

The Literature Book

ISBN: 9780241015469

Poetics Of Postmodernism

Linda Hutcheon
ISBN: 9780415007061


William Shakespeare
ISBN: 9781586638528

Midsummer Night Dream

William Shakespeare
ISBN: 9781586638481

The Infinite Conversation

Maurice Blanchot
ISBN: 9780816619702

What Is Literature?

Jean-Paul Sartre
ISBN: 9780415254045

Assessing Listening

Gary Buck
ISBN: 9780521666619

Oscar Wilde: 'the Importance Of Being Earnest'

Oscar Wilde
ISBN: 9780521639521

Tractatus Logico-philosophicus

Ludwig Wittgenstein
ISBN: 9780415051866

How To Write Science Fiction And Fantasy

Orson Scott Card
ISBN: 9781582971032

As You Like It

William Shakespeare
ISBN: 9781411401044

In Other Worlds

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
ISBN: 9780415389563

Dead Cold - Elementary / Lower Intermediate

Sue Leather
ISBN: 9780521693790


Tony Davies
ISBN: 9780415420655

How Novels Work

John Mullan
ISBN: 9780199281787

Selected Letters

ISBN: 9780199214204

Selected Diaries

Virginia Woolf
ISBN: 9780099518259

Poetique du traduire

Henri Meschonnic
ISBN: 9782864326779

The Renaissance and Long Eighteenth Century

David Johnson, Anita Pacheco
ISBN: 9781849666145

Romantics and Victorians

Nicola J. Watson, Shafquat Towheed
ISBN: 9781849666244

The Modes of Modern Writing

David Lodge
ISBN: 9781474244213

Difference and Repetition

Gilles Deleuze
ISBN: 9781472572356

Once Upon a Time

Marina Warner
ISBN: 9780198718659

The Twentieth Century

Sara Haslam, Sue Asbee
ISBN: 9781849666213