Brand: Thames & Hudson Ltd

The Photograph as Contemporary Art

Charlotte Cotton
ISBN: 9780500204481

Advanced Textiles for Health and Wellbeing

Marie O'Mahony
ISBN: 9780500515877

Verdi and/or Wagner

Peter Conrad
ISBN: 9780500290859

Laurie Anderson

Roselee Goldberg
ISBN: 9780500019931

Louise Nevelson: Art is Life

Laurie Wilson
ISBN: 9780500094013

Arabian Horse: Mystery, History and Magic

Peter Upton
ISBN: 9780500285626


Alexandra Harris
ISBN: 9780500518113

South Africa - The art of a nation

John Giblin, Chris Spring
ISBN: 9780500292839

Moment by moment - Photographs by John Loengard

John Loengard
ISBN: 9780500970775

The Islamic World: A History in Objects

Ladan Akbarnia , Various Authors
ISBN: 9780500480403

Artists' Homes: Live/Work Spaces for Modern Makers

Tom Harford Thompson
ISBN: 9780500021323

Jewelry for Gentlemen

James Sherwood
ISBN: 9780500519851

Eva Neurath Recollections

Stephan Feuchtwang
ISBN: 9780500519318

Free Hand New Typography Sketchbooks

Steven Heller
ISBN: 9780500519523

Hello, London!

Megan McKean
ISBN: 9781760760373

Shakespeare's London on 5 Groats a Day

Richard Tames
ISBN: 9780500293867


Stephen Turnbull
ISBN: 9780500252239

Ancient Rome On Five Denarii A Day

Philip Matyszak
ISBN: 9780500293768

Who's the Biggest?

Delphine Chedru
ISBN: 9780500651490

How Many Kisses?

Delphine Chedru
ISBN: 9780500651452

New York Melody

Helene Druvert
ISBN: 9780500651735

Modernist Design Complete

Dominic Bradbury
ISBN: 9780500518427

The Enemies of Rome

Philip Matyszak
ISBN: 9780500287729

Peter Beard

Christian Caujolle
ISBN: 9780500410967