Brand: Faber And Faber

Archie Greene and the Alchemist's Curse

D. D. Everest
ISBN: 9780571307418

Siberian Red

Sam Eastland
ISBN: 9780571278312

The Beast in the Red Forest

Sam Eastland
ISBN: 9780571281480

Impossible Lives of Greta Wells

Andrew Sean Greer
ISBN: 9780571295401

The Motel Life

Willy Vlautin
ISBN: 9780571228089


Michael Frayn
ISBN: 9780571281428

Norwegian by Night

Derek B. Miller
ISBN: 9780571294275

The Red Coffin

Sam Eastland
ISBN: 9780571274192

High Jinx

Sara Lawrence
ISBN: 9780571251377

A Beautiful Mind

Sylvia Nasar
ISBN: 9780571212927

Parrot and Olivier in America

Peter Carey
ISBN: 9780571253319

A Fine Balance

Rohinton Mistry
ISBN: 9780571230587

Dark Entries

Robert Aickman
ISBN: 9780571311774


Rachel Cusk
ISBN: 9780571346745

Fryderyk Chopin

Alan Walker
ISBN: 9780571348558

The Midnight Fox

Betsy Byars
ISBN: 9780571310333

The Eddie Dickens Trilogy

Philip Ardagh
ISBN: 9780571274697

How the Whale Became And Other Stories

Ted Hughes
ISBN: 9780571274208

The Time And Space Of Uncle Albert

Russell Stannard
ISBN: 9780571226153

Cold Hand in Mine

Robert Aickman
ISBN: 9780571311743

The Unsettled Dust

Robert Aickman
ISBN: 9780571311736

The Wine-Dark Sea

Robert Aickman
ISBN: 9780571311729

Napoleon - Volume 1: Soldier of Destiny

Michael Broers
ISBN: 9780571273454