Paperblanks Bukhara Amber- Ultra Unlined Notebook

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Radiance and Light
Bukhara, one of Uzbekistan’s largest cities, famous for millennia as a centre of learning and culture, was the birthplace of this dazzling 18th-century Islamic binding. The luminous design features ornamentation painted and lacquered in golden bronze, deftly evoking an indelible sense of radiance and light.

Sometimes known as “Place of Good Fortune,” Bukhara is located along the Silk Road. The city’s rich intellectual and cultural life was shaped by Indo-Persian influences, particularly during the golden age of the Samanids. We can see those influences in this design which showcases margins of heart-shaped leaves, a centre rosette and intricate corner pieces, all executed with painstaking skill and consummate artistry.

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Paperblanks Paperblanks Bukhara Amber- Ultra Unlined Notebook
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