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NARCOTANGO is a deep embrace between Tango and the electronic music atmosphere of our time.

"At the hour when there are only a few couples left on the dance floor, magic sneaks (or ‘creeps’) into the milonga, and I watch peopledancing and experimenting with a new kind of tango dance, when my body is exhausted from dancing for hours and I don't want the night to end, at that hour NARCOTANGO was born. It was then that I could imagine the music that I wanted to dance to, and to see others dance to. At that moment the narcotic power of tango takes over and confirms, once again, that I have entered a universe inside of me that is hard to leave, because like a drug, tango generates an incredible, sensual and powerful addiction."
Carlos Libedinsky

Carlos Libedinsky, Narcotango
Casa Discuri
A&A Records
Data Publicarii
Numar Discuri
Format Audio

1) Vi Luz Y Subi (3:14)
2) Plano Secuencia (4:12)
3) Otra Luna (3:42)
4) Un Paso Mas Alla (6:48)
5) Toma Y Daca (3:43)
6) Mi Buenos Aires Queri... (3:12) Basado En El Tango De Gardel Y Lepera
7) Mejor Asi (3:55)
8) La Tropilla De La Zurda (4:53)
9) Trancetango (3:30) Basando en el tango "Duo de amor"de Astor Piazzola
10) Doble O Nada (3:58)
11) Que Onda (3:12)
12) Humo (3:30)

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