Very Nearly Almost (VNA) - A London street art “photozine”

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Very Nearly Almost is a UK-based independent quarterly magazine that documents the street art and graffiti scene. Launched in 2006, VNA tracks everything that’s going on in the scene from the wheatpastes, paint and stencils out there on the streets through to gallery shows and events that bring together graff artists from around the world.

Each issue brings you in-depth feature articles and interviews with the biggest names on the scene, as well as up and coming artists. Previous cover artists include Eine, Sickboy, D*Face, Kid Acne, Insa and ROA.

VNA gets up close and personal with the artists we cover – we document recent work, visit artists’ studios and provide sneak previews of new work.

VNA is also involved in a number of events in the UK and elsewhere, including curating the live art show at London’s street culture festival Streetfest and a presence at the globetrotting art battle events organised by Secret Wars.

Everyone involved in VNA has a shared love of street art and the culture that’s grown up around it and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy putting it together.

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