Values Compass

ISBN: 9781529366112 Categorii: Diverse. An apariție: 2020 Autor: Mandeep Rai Editură: John Murray Press Tip copertă: Paperback Număr pagini: 368 Stoc: Stoc limitat

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THE VALUES COMPASS takes us into the hearts, minds, and traditions of the cultures and people of the world. It demonstrates how interconnected we are and how the divisions that exist between us stem from narrow self-interest rather than concern for the good of our human family. I hope that the book will contribute to making our world a happier place.' The Dalai Lama 'THE VALUES COMPASS is a fresh, engaging and eye-opening guide to understanding ourselves and others in the most profound and practical ways.' Deepak Chopra Every day, whether we acknowledge it or not, we make decisions based on what we believe in. The choices, challenges, or opportunities facing us - and how we engage with them - in politics, family, relationships, work, and play reveal something important about our character, desires, and personality to ourselves and to others. When those values align and are shared by a single population, they have the power to transform a nation and teach the world valuable lessons about success. In THE VALUES COMPASS, Mandeep Rai explores this concept by taking 101 distinct countries and identifying a single key value in each that is represented throughout its history, geography, and culture in the hope that we may find a way to incorporate those values into our own lives. From India's 'faith' to Vietnam's 'resilience', Argentina's 'passion' to Singapore's 'order', Australia's 'mateship' to Uganda's 'heritage' and from Malta's 'community' to Sri Lanka's 'joy', we may all find something of ourselves in others and succeed together as a result. This is an insightful and readable collection of profiles that open our eyes to the world around us, and in turn help us reflect on which values matter, last, and have the power to create change.

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Studii de business
Mandeep Rai
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John Murray Press
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What 101 Countries Teach Us About Purpose, Life and Leadership
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