The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Flags and Heraldry

ISBN: 9781846812668 Categorii: Diverse. An apariție: 2007 Autor: Stephen Slater, Alfred Znamierowski Editură: Hermes House Număr pagini: 512 Stoc: La comandă

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An international history of heraldry and its contemporary uses, together with the definitive guide to national flags, banners, standards and ensigns.

A definitive reference guide to the flags and heraldry of the world, with more than 2100 colour photographs and illustrations.

An authoritative and highly accessible book that examines the way flags have been used throughout the centuries and covers every aspect of the history, language and modern use of heraldry.

The first section follows the history of flags, from 3400 BC to the present day, giving information on the flags of rulers, government officials, flags for battle, and naval and civil shipping flags.

The second section of the book, covering heraldry, closely examines the unique system of identification, codification and symbolism, and its infinite capacity to express personal, state and corporate individuality.

Contains fascinating visual detail on the many and varied applications of international heraldry, as well as illustrations of hundreds of flags from around the world, including military signs, royal standards, civil flags, naval ensigns and national flags.

A vast resource that brings together the symbolic identifiers used around the world to express nationhood, state and civic pride, and corporate, family and individual identity.

Stephen Slater, Alfred Znamierowski
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Hermes House
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Isbn 13
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