Sherlock Holmes Stories (Step 1)

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Sherlock Holmes Stories (Step 1)
48,00 lei

Categorii: Black Cat Publishing

Legare: Book + audio CD/CD-ROM win/mac

Limba: Engleza

Editura: Black Cat Publishing

Nr Pag: 96

Colectie: Reading & training

Limba Original: Engleza

ISBN: 9788853005151

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Sherlock Holmes Stories (Step 1)
48,00 lei


Retold by Gina D. B. Clemen


The world’s most famous detective surprises us again with the brilliant solutions to two seemingly impossible cases. The master detective solves the case of the horrible murder of a young woman in The Speckled Band. Smile with him and Watson as they listen to the puzzling story of one of their odd clients, who is not so odd after all, in The Red-Headed League.

Dossier: London at the Time of Sherlock Holmes Exit test

Level: Step 1

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