Pillow Talk - Card Set

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60 cards to prompt us to share our intimate desires.

Although the pleasures of sex are well known, what is less emphasised are the pleasures of talking about sex: what feels nice, what we like to daydream about, what we long for, where our fantasies have come from. There is scarcely anything more interesting. Yet too often, we find ourselves not having as many good conversations about sex as we might. Maybe we don’t know where to start, or we think we should know it all by now. Perhaps some aspects of sex feel tricky, or there is simply not enough time to get around to talking about it.

This pack of cards is designed to spark the best kind of pillow talk: the sort where we explore sex with intimacy, playfulness and intellectual curiosity. Here are sixty questions to provoke some of the best conversations possible, guaranteed to leave us with a new sense of liberation and closeness.

Example prompts:

‘Is the problem with infidelity that it hurts the other person, or is it bad in itself?’
‘In what way do you feel ashamed or guilty around sex?’
‘What part of your body do you worry might put a lover off?'
60 cards in a gift box | 100 x 80 x 32mm | Contains adult content

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The School Of Life
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School of life
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The School Of Life
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