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Kingbrown represents the thriving movement of street art; graffiti, stencils, postering, painting and murals as well as art in the public arena; photography, illustration, multimedia, design, graphics, music, film and creative writing.

Produced by street artist YOK and illustrator-artist Ian Mutch, Kingbrown captures the work of internationally acclaimed artists that use a variety of mediums - such as paint, spray-paint, inks, stencils, collage, posters, stickers, digital, pens, markers and photography.

Featured artists of past and current issues include Doze Green, WK Interact, Dmote, Travis Millard, Mel Kadel, Anthony Lister, Jeff Soto, Amy Sol, Jeremy Fish, KR, Gift of Gab, Unkle, Kill Pixie, Swoon, Faile, Meggs, Michael Sieben, Morning Breath, Dave the Chimp and many more.

Kingbrown is sold in a printed paper bag with lots of goodies

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