IELTS Reading Practice

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IELTS Reading Practice
137,00 lei

Categorii: Diverse, Diverse

Limba: Engleza

Data publicării: 2021

Editura: Prosperity Education

Tip copertă: Paperback

Nr Pag: 156

Colectie: Academic

ISBN: 9781913825317

Dimensiuni: l: 21cm | H: 29.7cm

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IELTS Reading Practice
137,00 lei


14 different Academic Reading tasks

Each of the 14 units in this book introduces a different reading task that you may encounter during the IELTS Academic Reading test:

  1. Matching headings
  2. True / False / Yes / No / Not Given
  3. Matching information
  4. Summary completion
  5. Sentence completion
  6. Multiple choice
  7. Matching features
  8. Choosing a title
  9. Categorisation/classification
  10. Matching sentence endings
  11. Table completion
  12. Flowchart completion
  13. Diagram completion
  14. Short answer questions

Each unit contains three two-page sections:

1. Think and prepare...

... starts with some questions to get you thinking about the unit topic, and introduces some challenging words and phrases that will appear in the practice activities that follow.

2. Practise...

... introduces a new reading task for you to practise the task type using a text that is shorter than what will feature in the exam. It starts with some strategies and tips for how to approach each task, for you to try these strategies out during the activities then reflect on what went well, what you learned and what you will need to do to improve.

3. Put it to the test...

... includes a text that is designed to replicate an IELTS Reading test task. There is no support here – it’s just you, the text and the questions!

Appendices to support your IELTS preparation:

  • Task info and tips: Definitions of each task type, and tips on how to approach the task.
  • Extra activities: Further practice in applying different task types to the units’ texts.
  • Answers: Comprehensive answers and guidance for each activity.
  • Glossary and Index: Definitions of all high-level vocabulary used.
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