Iceland Marco Polo Guide

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MARCO POLO Iceland: the Travel Guide with Insider Tips

With this up-to-date, authoritative guide you can experience all the sights and Best Of recommendations for Iceland. You can discover hotels and restaurants, trendy spots, and also pick up tips on what to do on a limited budget, ideas for shopping as well as suggestions for travel with kids and sport and activities. Also contains: Festivals & Events, In a Nutshell, Travel Tips, Links, Blogs, Apps & More, Useful Phrases in Icelandic and a comprehensive index.

Iceland is a land full of contrasts, surprises and secrets. In the ancient volcanic landscape you feel you've been transported back to the time when the earth was first created. The country's greatest treasure is its unique natural world, and medieval sagas are part of the national cultural heritage.

With MARCO POLO Iceland nature lovers can experience a veritable El Dorado. This practical guide book, small enough to slip into your pocket, takes you to thunderous geysers, massive glaciers, fascinating deserts of lava, black beaches, steep cliffs and breathtaking waterfalls. Become an adventurer and set off on a riding or glacier tour. Unwind in hot pots, warm baths. Experience the midnight sun weaving its magic and the beguiling enchantment of the polar lights. Or go shopping in the lively mini-metropolis of Reykjavik.

The Insider Tips tell you where it's good value to camp and where you can go diving between continental plates. The Best Of pages succinctly tell you what's unique to Iceland, where there are great places for free, where's nice on rainy days and where you can relax and chill out. On the Perfect Tour you'll get to know Iceland in all its glory. The tips on what to do on a limited budget in each chapter show how you can experience a great deal with very little money and snap up some real bargains. Get to know the cultural monuments and experience the highlands. Trips & Tours take you to glaciers and geysers, through wasteland and to waterfalls. On water and on land, on glaciers and on lakes: there are possibilities for outdoor activities everywhere in Iceland. You'll find the most important suggestions in the Sport & Activities chapter. The Dos and Don'ts advise you know why you should wear swimwear in the shower and why you should not mock the myths.

MARCO POLO Iceland gives comprehensive coverage of all the islands regions. To help you find your way around there's a detailed road atlas with street atlas of Reykjavik inside the back cover and additional, removable pull-out map.

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