Guess Who, Baby Duck!

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Guess Who, Baby Duck!
28,00 lei

Categorii: Diverse

Limba: Straina

Data publicării: 2004

Editura: Candlewick Press

Nr Pag: 32

ISBN: 9780763619817

Dimensiuni: l: 22.3cm | H: 25.3cm

Product thumb
Guess Who, Baby Duck!
28,00 lei


It’s a rainy, rainy day, and Baby Duck has a little cold. But as always, Baby starts feeling better when Grampa comes to visit, especially when she sees the cheering-up present he’s brought. It’s a big book filled with pictures of Baby Duck! There she is on the day she was born, and right after a bath, and taking her first wobbly steps. Baby likes what she sees, and she loves spending time with Grampa. Little listeners who adore being the center of attention are sure to share Baby’s enthusiasm — before running off to find their own family photo albums!

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