Dodgem Logic - Colliding ideas to see what happens.

ISBN: 9770243791009 Categorii: Diverse. An apariție: 2011 Stoc: La comandă

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Forty years after the heyday of the alternative press, writer Alan Moore is launching the 21st century's first underground magazine from his home town of Northampton, a community that is right at the geographical, political and economic heart of the country; one which has half its high street boarded up and is at present dying on its arse, just like everywhere else. Dodgem Logic sets out to provide a splash of subterranean exotica in a bleached-out cultural and social landscape.

Regular columnists provide delicious, inexpensive recipes, wide-ranging medical advice, simple instructions for creating stylish clothing and accessories from next to nothing, guides to growing your own dinner by becoming a guerrilla gardener, and, in the first of Dave (The Self-SuffIcient-ish Bible) Hamilton's environmental columns, a bold experiment in living with no money. Not only seeking to give practical advice on getting through a rough stretch, Dodgem Logic is also committed to brightening the world with the astonishing cartoon-work of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen's Kevin O'Neill or that of underground legend Savage Pencil; the musings of Father Ted, The IT Crowd and Black Book's own Graham Linehan or of the nation's sweetheart, the implacably positive Josie Long. In addition to a variously-hosted women's column launched by Lost Girls co-creator and underground cartoon artist Melinda Gebbie, Alan Moore will him self be contributing a lead feature on the history of underground subversive publishing from its origins in the thirteenth century.

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