Design Elements, Color Fundamentals

ISBN: 9781592537198 Categorii: Neclasificat. An apariție: 2012 Autor: Aaris Sherin Editură: Rockport Număr pagini: 160 Stoc: La comandă

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This is the second book in the Design Elements series that focuses on a single core element of design. Created with the design student in mind, each book in the series offers a comprehensive reference for understanding and effective application of these core building blocks for designers. Each book breaks down the rules and elements of its specific subject, how and when to apply effective usage, as well as when it's okay to break the rules. This series of books expands on the chapters offered in Design Elements, which also inspired its presentation style and didactic nature. Other books in the series include Book 1: Form and Space, Book 3: Choosing & Using Type and Book 4: Choosing & Using Images. Both text book and design reference, each book offers not only instruction promising a solid understanding and usage rules for the core elements of design but also provides application-oriented inspiration as a crucial teaching tool.

Aaris Sherin
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