Brands A to Z Alessi

ISBN: 9789812458629 Categorii: Diverse. An apariție: 2010 Editură: Page One Publishing Private Stoc: Stoc limitat

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'Brands A to Z: Alessi' presents an accessible and engaging portrait of the much-loved Italian brand. Alessi has evolved from a workshop producing crafted metal products to one of today's most significant firms producing modern and innovative kitchen furnishings. Metal products remain its core dealing, but the approach is fresher, younger and more modern, as seen in the design of the Paris store. This is the same approach that 'Brands A to Z: Alessi' has taken in its conceptualisation and delivery. It is part of a legacy, a bequest to the future of the Italian design factory. This book also provides insights into Alessi's design philosophies and offers an overview of Alessi's most successful products and its expansion into products beyond kitchenware. Exclusive to 'Brands A to Z: Alessi' will be a chapter on product prototypes never released into the market, as well as a section shedding light on Alessi's famous "designfiascos". Featuring interviews with the key creative personalities of Alessi, this book will reveal the brand's relationships with some of the world's top designers.

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Page One Publishing Private
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