Anatomy in Motion

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Anatomy in Motion
224,00 lei

Categorii: Diverse, Diverse

Limba: Engleza

Data publicării: 2024

Editura: 3DTotal Publishing

Tip copertă: Hardcover

Nr Pag: 374

Ilustrator: Charlie Pickard

ISBN: 9781915992024

Dimensiuni: l: 26cm | H: 33cm | 3.0cm | 2454g

Product thumb
Anatomy in Motion
224,00 lei


Anatomy in Motion is an expansive collection of incredibly detailed photography and overlaid illustrations, showing the human figure in a variety of dynamic movements, at every stage of the action.

This is an essential resource for artists of any skill level or medium, who seek to capture figures in motion, showcasing the beauty and complexity of the human form with clear, innovative presentation. Stunning photography and comprehensive drawings show the contours, planar surfaces, and muscular structure of figures of varying body types.

These male and female references will act as an invaluable starting point for artists. Whether you’re a traditional sculptor, oil painter, or 3D digital artist, the resources within this book will be useful and informative and will help you improve the quality and accuracy of your own art.

3dtotal Publishing's previous books on this subject have proved extremely popular, with Anatomy for Artists: Drawing Form & Pose selling over 18,000 copies to date, and Anatomy for Artists: A visual guide to the human form selling almost 10,000 copies.

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