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Founded in 1961, Abitare immediately assumed a leading role in the market due to the completeness and timeliness of the information it provides, and to the contribution it has made to the success of Italian design around the world.

Each month the publishing philosophy of Abitare offers readers a way of interpreting architecture from an international viewpoint, with articles on homes, buildings, places and objects from all over the world.

Abitare comes with the The Reader supplement newspaper.

Abitare is completely bilingual: Italian and English.

For over 35 years Abitare has been:
- a leading magazine on the theme of the civilization of living
- ambassador to the world for the Italian Style
- the most authoritative guide and most complete, up-to-date reference for an understanding of contemporary architecture

Abitare represents a point of reference for architects, sector professionals, designers, interior designers, students, manufacturers and qualified dealers around the world.

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