A History of Christianity

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A History of Christianity
109,00 lei

Categorii: Diverse, Diverse

Limba: Engleza

Data publicării: 2024

Editura: Dorling Kindersley

Tip copertă: Hardcover

Nr Pag: 240

ISBN: 9780241657911

Dimensiuni: l: 22cm | H: 26cm | 2.1cm | 1094g

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A History of Christianity
109,00 lei


How did Christianity get shared around the world? And how has Christian belief changed over the last 50 years? Providing some of the answers to these and many other questions, this overview charts the 2,000-year-long history of the world's largest religion.

A History of Christianity covers everything from the world of the Old Testament to Christianity in the 21st century, including topics such as the early martyrs, the birth of the monasteries, the Crusades, the Reformation, and the rise of the Church in the Americas and Africa.

Explore the wide-ranging beliefs and doctrines found within the Church and the role Christianity plays in people's lives. Discover the key events, figures, and movements that helped shape the Church, with a fresh and highly visual approach.

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