Carnet in rama - Large, Hard Cover, Ruled - Artist Yukai Du

ISBN: 8056420854077 Categorii: Diverse, Carnete medium. Brand: Moleskine Colecție: Moleskine Special Tip copertă: Hardcover Stoc: În stoc

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Step into the vibrant and evocative artwork of Yukai Du. Yukai is a Chinese illustrator and animator whose bold colors and graphic patterns are inspired by travel, experiences, emotions and the simple joy of creative self-expression. This artwork, entitled I dreamed in a dream, was created by Yukai for Moleskine. You can find out more about her inspiration and creative philosophy on the notebook endpapers and on Fold magazine.

Each notebook in the Moleskine Studio Collection is conceived as a platform for inspiration, with artworks by contemporary creatives chosen to inspire the artists and thinkers of tomorrow. Ideas don’t grow in a vacuum; they are sparked by the world around us and by the imaginations of others. Take inspiration from Yukai’s vision, remembering that creativity as a skill enriches all areas of our life – not only when we are sketching and writing, but also when we are jotting down a simple to-do list or taking notes in a meeting.

Moleskine Studio Notebooks frame the work of different international artists, each one with a choice of plain or ruled pages. Original artwork features not only on the cover, but also on the flyleaves and on a set of stickers inside. The pages are made from 100 g/m² paper suited to a wide selection of writing and drawing instruments.

Each notebook is sold in a neat box that quietly frames the notebook cover. Designed for maximum inspiration and minimum waste, the box contains a copy of the artwork behind the notebook, along with the name of both the artist and the piece in question. 2 discreet holes on the back mean that the box doubles as a picture frame to hang on the wall.

An artist’s studio is a place where creativity happens. Moleskine Studio is both a place to explore the ideas of others, and a platform for you to express yourself however you choose.


- hard cover with artwork by the artist
- rounded corners
- elastic closure
- ivory-colored, 100 g/m², acid-free paper
- matching bookmark ribbon
- themed stickers
- expandable inner pocket in the back
- ‘In case of loss’ notice printed on the flyleaf
- short interview introducing the artist
- box containing a copy of the artwork
- reusable packaging: use the box as a picture frame
- lies flat, opens at 180°
- the history of Moleskine is inside.

Tip Coperta
Greutate Hartie
100 g/mp
Moleskine Special
Numar Pagini
Tip Legatura
Material Coperta
Tara Origine
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