Unforgettable Characters

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This wickedly entertaining Q&A deck of 48 cards is sure to be a hit with any group of devoted readers, students of literature, or literary trivia buffs. Alternatively, Unforgettable Characters will provide the solitary book lover with hours of challenging fun. One side of each card briefly describes a principal character in a famous novel, short story, or play--with perhaps just enough hints to help you make an identification. The other side reveals the character s name and the work in which he or she appears, along with interesting notes on the plot and the author. Austen and Brontë, Orwell and O Neill, Pasternak and Nabokov are among the literary luminaries you will find here. All lovers of great literature will enjoy the challenge of coming up with the correct character, even if some remain tantalizingly just out of memory s reach.

A Literature Quiz Deck from the New York Public Library Knowledge Cards Deck

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