Knowledge Cards - Deck Howling At The Moon

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Sure, you know that honeybees dance to guide nest mates to nectar, and chickadees call in cohorts to pester a predator. But have you ever wondered why horses grimace, how a tiny insect can make itself heard in the din of a rainforest, or what your dog reveals about you when he wags to the right? The 48 cards in this deck explore the mysteries of how nonhuman beings from single-celled organisms to dolphins, anteaters, and apes express themselves. The front of each card asks an intriguing question about creature communication; the back provides a witty, well-researched answer. Entertaining, erudite, and illuminating, this quiz deck sheds new light on the amazing conversations going on all around us. And by the way, do wolves really howl at the moon?
One deck of 48 cards.

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