PocketFlex Book Light Blue

ISBN: 9781935009009 Categorii: Trinity Xtras. Stoc: La comandă

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Bright white, energy-efficient LED
LED lasts 100,000 hours
Precisely engineered optical grade lens spreads light evenly
Flexible gooseneck with protective casing
Sturdy clip
Free-standing base
Conveniently compact
24 hours of battery life
Lithium batteries (included)

The PocketFlex LED Book Light is the best choice of compact, travel-ready models if your reading tastes run the gamut from paperbacks to massive coffee table books. Its clever design is a Mighty Bright exclusive: a flexible gooseneck unwraps from around a super-compact base. Squeeze the clip open while switching on the power button with your thumb – one hand can do it all.

The gooseneck is as long as our larger models, offering a wide pattern of illumination. Clip it, lay it flat, or flip it to flashlight mode. When you need to get moving, it wraps up quickly and easily. This versatile little gadget will feel right at home with your other high-tech gear.

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